What are we all about?

Amber is a Melbourne-based Myotherapist who – just like you – was tired of using boring, old terry towelling (or ‘old TT’ as we not-so-affectionately like to call it) table covers and draping. Not only is the ‘old TT’ a drainer to wash, dry AND store – Amber also found she had to replace faded or discoloured towels on the regular, which was a giant pain and not amazing for the environment either.


Inspired by a conversation with a fellow therapist (and wonderful friend) about a lack of alternatives, she set out to create a fun, environmentally positive, lightweight, durable option – and EcoThreads is it!


Eco Threads vibrant and stunning designs are sustainably printed in Melbourne on fabric made up of approx. 80% recycled plastic bottles. Yep, bottles that have been intercepted before they reach landfill – or even worse, our oceans!


More than just saving bottles from landfill, this lightweight, durable and luxurious fabric is also often used in swimwear and activewear for its quick-dry qualities. Which means you can say ‘see ya later’ to that drier that you’ve had running eight hours a day to keep up with your towel turn over, and finally say ‘hey there’ to more time, less washing and an enviro-conscious choice in Eco Threads.